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Experter is a classroom support tool, that, using artificial intelligence techniques aims to reinforce the contents reviewed in class in a personalized way

It is a digital education system. It is available for computers, in web version , and for tablets and smartphones, in form of application.

In each content, EXPERTER identifies the strengths and weaknesses of each student.

Based in this identification, it evaluates and retakes in a personalized way, the contents that need to be reinforced. This is done through the application of memorization strategies, selecting the activity most suitable for the best assimilation of each content.

The content developed as a questionnaire will provide the information necessary to evaluate students.

The system is customized for the school, both aesthetically and in content. EXPERTER is captivating, fun and easy to use. The student is motivated to use the system, since it has, among other things, a gratification game. The more the student strives, the more points he earns.

Why hire EXPERTER?

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Experter is a support tool. Customizable to the content and design of your school, to your requeriments.

Anyway you want.

Experter, complete and fun learning for your English language school!